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Self Publish Now-Help Is Here!


Welcome again!

I hope you’ve enjoyed paging through our website and found it to have great promise in our mission: Matching Colorado readers with new Colorado authors.

There is a reason for the somewhat narrow scope of reach—limiting our efforts to just one state—but it is rooted a sound promotional principle. That is, keep your efforts manageable.

I predict the vast majority of authors who will participate and list their books here are like me—self-published. Self-published and at a crisis point in having a book in print but not having the marketing machine to promote it well.

But before any book can be promoted, it needs recognition. And book recognition requires reviews.

This is where so many self-publishing efforts bog down. Getting reviews and the recognition that comes with it.

Local newspaper and magazine reviewers are inundated with books from traditional publishing houses and literary agents to the point that they cannot read every one—much less consider requests from self-published authors.

Trying to get self-published books into local book stores is just as frustrating and disheartening. No recognition means no shelf space and no book signings.

Even eBook options with a wide spread audience offer no relief or reward. If there is no local or regional recognition, how can you expect a national audience to find you and your books?

This is where we self-published types find ourselves. Stuck in neutral.

We all have family, friends and associate we can count on to give good feedback and buy our first copies. And while their reviews and recommendation made be honest and heartfelt, they are nevertheless perceived as tainted because of the personal association. In any event, it is usually too small a audience for measuring literary success.

And this does not take into account the logistical nightmares of filling orders, maintaining stock, and other time consuming tasks should a book miraculously take off.

So it occurred to me one day—while sitting in neutral—that sharing and merging reader lists with other local and state writers in the same position could benefit us all. We could obtain unbiased-looking reviews; we’d have a have an expanded readership base; and we’d have a manageable market to launch much needed early sales. We hope to have a membership base of 500 by the end of year.

And just as important, book lovers would have the opportunity to read the works of future best-selling authors before the general public catches on—and even record an early review of an outstanding literary work.

That’s the concept. Creating a launching for new authors.

But it’s a concept still in development—a work in progress that could use suggestions and ideas to make it work. I hope authors and readers who are intrigued will lend their hands to this effort.

Let me know.

Adios, amigos y amigas.

D.G. Ronquillo

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