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I really liked the story line.  I also especially enjoyed the location of the book and reading about some of the history of Denver.


I enjoyed the character development – good depth to the characters.


Great, great twisting ending, in that it was a surprise in the last few pages of the book – stayed up until I finished it late one night!


I look forward to the third in the trilogy – and first!


Karen Carter

Denver, CO

As a fan of suspense, of Denver and of a good book, I found David Ronquillo's book to be a refreshing look at a group of people long overlooked in literary circles; that is the Hispanic/Latino hero/heroine. 


This is a tale of events that are all too relevant in our communities of color; stories of mistakes, cover-ups and misdeeds perpetrated on some of our most powerless member in our community.  A.J. (Amador) is one of us and his compatriots are strong, caring compassionate characters to whom we can all relate. 


Magdalena Aguayo

Denver, CO

I live and grew up in Denver, but "Make It Go Away" took me to places in the city I have never been. I kept wondering where will we go next?  


I wanted to know more about this mysterious Esperetu (sp)?   I began to think they must be a real.  How can I contact them?


Make It Go Away keep me guessing until the end. Who did this and why?  I highly recommend this mysterious tale to all who love Denver.  Check it out!


Kelli Fritts

Denver, CO

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Make It Go Away was a very entertaining read. The various twists and turns, especially at the end, had me thinking “who done it”?

I really liked the various characters, and their relationships with each other and look forward to reading the first book to see where it all started.

John Miller

Fort Lupton, CO

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Reviews pending
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