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Frequenly Asked  Questions



 Is there a fee to  join?


All those who sign up are considered reader/reviewers, including authors not offering a book for review. There are no membership fees for reader/reviewers. There is no fee for authors placing their books for reviews, although a donation may be requested for website management of reviews recorded.


How are book reviewers  selected


As soon as an author submits a book for review, a notice is emailed to all members asking for volunteers to provide a review. The first ten responding are selected for that book. In all cases, we look to include a significant representation of readers who are not personally acquainted with the author.


Click the box below to download and print a Reader/Reviewer’s Membership Guideline in PDF form


 How to authors participate?


Author members may submit a book at any time for review after a simple application process. Click the box below to download and print an Author’s Book Review Guideline in PDF form.


When are reviews  posted ?


After all the reviews are returned within the established time, they are posted in the Review page of the website time two at a time each week until all the reviews are posted. Afterwards, the two best reviews will posted in the BOOKS sections


How can I purchase a copy of a book?


It will be the responsibility of the authors to provide information on purchase of their books, directing interested readers to websites or other locations where the works are available. That information will be posted on the BOOK ORDER INFO page


What types of books qualify for review?


Fiction and light non-fiction will be accepted for review by L.A.R.C.


In the fiction categories, all genres (crime, mystery, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) are welcome.


Light non-fiction includes biographies, memoirs, personal accounts, self-improvement, DIY, and photography.


Peer-level academic and scientific works are not eligible.

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