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The Concept


Writing is a tough—as any author qucikly finds out.


The late, great Dorothy Parker once said, "I hate writing. I love having written."


Bringing a book to market is even tougher.


Beyond the arduous task of writing itself, there is the seemingly impossible task of getting published by traditional means. That is, finding an agent and getting the work accepted by an established publishing house. It is heartbreaking to think of the number of good works that never saw print and the number of good writers whose careers never took off.


Self-publishing has changed the landscape of the publishing world. Just about any writer can now have their manuscripts turned into paperback and eBook editions. This is thrilling and gratifying for the author, but it hardly guarantees success. Without the promotional and marketing engines of a publishing house, the majority of self-published works fail to reach a reading public of substantial size to improve the chances of book sales.


L.A.R.C. seeks to increase the odds in favor of the author by providing a launching pad for literary works through reviews from a cadre of avid readers—readers unknown to the author.


That is our concept: matching new authors with readers who can provide the unbiased reviews needed to advance promotional and marketing campaigns.

David G. Ronquillo

Co-Founder, L.A.R.C

The Process


Once a book is submitted for placement In The Spotlight, a Call for Reviews is sent by email to all the reader members of L.A.R.C.  The notice identifies the name of the author, the genre of the book (crime, romance, fantasy, etc) and includes a synopsis of the story.


When 10 readers have responded offering to review the work, the author is contacted and asked to provide a copy of the work for each reader, as required.


After delivery of the books, readers are strongly encouraged to read and provide a review of the book within 10 days of receiving the work.


When all the reviews have been submitted they will be posted on the website at the rate of two per day for the author to study and use—and for other reader members of L.A.R.C. to consider in deciding on whether to purchase the book.

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